Active Time Dashboard for Google Analytics

One of my side projects is a little tool called Riveted that improves upon Google Analytics’s time tracking, allowing you to measure how much time users spend actively engaged on your site. Setting it up is really easy but finding the data within the¬†Google Analytics web interface is not. It’s one of the things I receive a steady stream of emails about. “How I can see total active time per page?” “How can I get the average active time per user?” “How can I compare active time against traffic sources?”

You can find all of these things within the web interface but it can be a little awkward. A different approach is to use Google’s API to extract the Riveted event data into a custom report.

To demonstrate this I built a small dashboard tool that anyone using the Riveted plugin can use. Just authorize the page to read your Google Analytics account, select the right view, and you’ll see active time data for the past 30 days.