Four years ago I set up a little site called Ravelrumba and I started blogging for two reasons. One, I wanted to practice. I wanted to practice technical writing and I wanted to practice presenting ideas in a public forum. Two, I wanted to participate.  I wanted to contribute. I wanted to give back to the web community from whom I had learned so much.

At the time I was interested in front end development and web performance, so that’s what I wrote about. I managed a respectable posting pace for the first two years and then the inspiration began to fade. I found myself putting in many more hours at my job. I started spending more time on Twitter, which became a sort of substitute for publishing and exchanging ideas. And my area of focus drifted away from front end development.

Realizing it had been almost a year since my last post I decided it was time to bring this first blogging campaign to a close. Not to sign off from blogging, but to give myself a fresh start. So that’s what this new site is.

Over on Ravelrumba there are 52 posts and about 600 comments. On one hand, these are humble numbers by interweb standards. On the other, I’m surprised I was able to find the publish button at the end of the darkness even half that many times.

As for the the new blog, I’m planning to bloviate on subjects like product development, working in media, in-house design process, and analytics. Surely a little CSS and JavaScript, too.