Picture Show

I needed a way to share a photo album with family and couldn’t find a solution that did exactly what I wanted. My requirements were:

  • Works for iOS, Android, and Desktop
  • Doesn’t require the user to download a new app or create an account
  • Doesn’t require login
  • But has some degree of privacy
  • No like/commenting features
  • Is bounded, i.e. a discrete album, not an open-ended stream

Basically I just wanted to drop a folder of images on s3 and display them with a nice photo gallery UI. So I made a command line tool that does that.

The command accepts a folder of images, resizes them to a default width of 1400px, builds the gallery and outputs a folder containing the resized images and HTML/CSS/JS. The folder name is a 12-digit random string to provide some security through obscurity when you host on a server.

Here’s an example of what the photo albums look like.

How to install

Install via npm:

npm install -g picture-show


Pass it the source dir and export dir:

$ picture-show [source images dir] [export dir]

More info

Source code and more info available on Github.