Retina Images for Ads

High pixel density displays have now been around for over four years. Most sites have upgraded to using 2x Retina graphics. Except when it comes to ads.

Should we have one standard of quality for content and another for ads? Why are we still treating mobile as a second-class citizen?

If you’re running one of these banners at the top of your mobile view, this is one of the first things people see when they arrive at your site.¬†Blurry text, that, in the words of Kenny Powers, “looks all computery and damn pixelated”.

Yes, ads are different, ads are hard. The client only has non-Retina creative. The ad network doesn’t provide hi-res images.

OK. But the quality of the experience is the publisher’s responsibility. The ad ecosystem gets better when publishers demand it.

It’s time to update the ad specs. This part is easy. Just replace “300×50” with “600×100”.